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Our proprietary Discuva Platform encompasses three core areas, which allow us to expand upon our leadership position in the research and development of new mechanism antibiotics:

  1. Identify novel targets.
  2. Elucidate mechanisms of action.
  3. Optimize against bacterial resistance.

To perform these core areas, our scientists have created libraries of mutant bacteria, which enable exquisite control over bacterial gene expression. This allows our scientists, with the help of next-generation sequencing, to identify which genes are essential for a bacterium’s survival. We can then design antibiotics to target the product of these genes. Further, genetic control of the mutant bacteria can help to identify a compound’s mechanism of action and to ensure compounds are selected to which the bacteria are less likely to develop resistance. In proof of concept studies, our scientists profiled established, marketed and clinical phase antibiotics with known mechanisms of action and where bacteria are known to have certain resistance mechanisms. The data the Discuva Platform generated matched published data in all cases.

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